Here are some brief testimonials from my previous clients to help give you an idea of how I work.

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Diane helped me address some long standing personal issues over a period of six months. During that time Diane was most professional in the way she conducted our sessions and I found her to be an attentive listener who clearly understood my problems. Diane demonstrated this by always suggesting appropriate and manageable techniques for me to try and by making me look at my issues from a fresh perspective. I would highly recommend her.
Paul Somerset

Diane's approach puts you immediately at ease. Her approach to counselling follows a specific focus on rationally tackling the source of your anxiety or related issue but she combines this with a number of different techniques. I got a huge amount from her advice, support and reflection.

If you are struggling in dealing with something on your own - don't she can help! 

I started off with anxiety, I would find myself avoiding various situations then putting myself down for it. I felt hopeless. 
Diane was introduced to me to help me with these issues. From the onset, her warm and caring personality allowed me to feel relaxed and comfortable in talking about my problems. Her professional and well structured sessions have a clear objective from week to week. By the 6th session, I felt like a huge weight had been taken off my shoulders. I can finally see a positive, bright and happy future ahead of me. 
I can't thank Diane enough for everything she's done for me, she's truly changed my life for the better.
I found Diane by looking for councillors in my area. She took a call from me, and after I explained my situation she was more than happy to adapt her methods and experience to help, evening arranging a late appointment so that it was possible to get her help!
Diane is an amazing listener and by utilzing the CBT practices and approaches she enabled me to see that I was a flawed, yet worthy person. I was struggling with anxiety and over a number of weeks the techniques really clicked and made my thoughts and ways of facing life so much more positive. The methods have coincidently been adaptable to work as well as my personal life. Having Diane able to impartially hear my thoughts and feelings and give me means of dealing with my past and present has actually turned my life around!
Thank you so much Diane! I've been celebrating CBT with anyone who will listen 🙂
Steve Somerset

Diane helped me address some long standing personal issues over a period of six months. During that time Diane was most professional in the way she conducted our sessions and I found her to be an attentive listener who clearly understood my problems. Diane demonstrated this by always suggesting appropriate and manageable techniques for me to try and by making me look at my issues from a fresh perspective.

I would highly recommend her.

Gina London

Working with Diane really helped me to consciously think about how I was reacting to everyday situations, and the sessions encouraged me to take logical control of my emotions. 

Diane is patient and caring, and always put me at ease during our sessions. 

I found the whole experience incredibly useful and now try to apply the practice of CBT to my daily life. I have found my logical reasoning to be significantly improved, and personal self-doubt to be at an all-time low.

MM Somerset

I came to see Diane at a time when I felt very upset and heartbroken. 

Her warm, empathetic, caring personality put me at ease and allowed me to feel safe sharing my problems with her.  

I felt like she was genuinely always pleased to see me, really listened and she understood my situation.

Diane helped me to make sense of my unhelpful thoughts about how things should be and see things from a different perspective.

I feel much happier and the situation I was upset about has improved.

Ali Somerset

Discovering CBT therapy and working with Diane this year has made a major difference to my life. As a part qualified Human Givens therapist and having studied Person Centred counselling alongside Basic & Therapeutic Counselling the CBT way of working has brought about positive, significant change for me. I have learnt new things to repeat, and my worrying and negative procrastinations now are less stressful.

CBT/REBT is working for me and helping me change my outlook and management of certain situations in a much healthier way for both me and the people in my life.
Diane works with me in a patient way, clearly bringing in the CBT/REBT methodologies to our sessions. It's hard work, but I am enjoying working with Diane and she makes the techniques/activities much more digestible (for want of a better word!).

If you have an analytical and/or inquisitive mind, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending giving CBT a go and Diane is a lovely lady to help you with that personal development journey.

Charlotte Somerset

After over a year of feeling very depressed and anxious due to a mixture of events including the ending of turbulent relationship, difficulties at work and within my family life. I struggled to make and keep friendships, I had very low self esteem and self respect and I also avoided many situations due to unmanageable anxiety. Luckily I decided I had to seek help. I am so glad that I did!

I opened up to a family member who recommended Diane, that same day Diane called me and arranged a meeting. Diane was happy to meet my needs and suggested phone meetings, Skype or one to one sessions. I decided on the latter.

Diane was so friendly, I instantly felt comfortable and I knew I had made the right decision.

Diane had planned each session, although we worked at a pace which suited me. I learnt so many strategies including; how to better manage my emotions, to understand why I may be feeling certain emotions, to rationalise thoughts and how to dispute and challenge my set beliefs.

We also worked on moving forward, for the first time in a long time I started to set goals that I achieved week upon week! These goals began small but soon I was challenging negative situations, I had signed up to run a 10k (I hated running at this point), I was making new friends and had decided to make major life changes.

As I progressed our sessions became further and further apart which motivated me to achieve as much as I could between sessions. This also gave me a chance to implement strategies on my own which helped me develop confidence within myself. I also knew I was able to see Diane earlier if I needed to, and on one occasion I had to do this and shortly I was back on track.  

From that first phone call I never imagined my whole mind set and life would have changed! Life is not perfect and things get me down at times just like everyone else, but I am less likely to even be involved with negative situations due to stronger boundaries and  the ability to identified red flags much earlier. I am so grateful to better equipped and able to manage and bounce back much quicker.

I had never suffered with any mental health difficulties in the past and had never used any medication to help regulate my mood and I still haven't to this day thanks to Diane and CBT.

Initially I thought I must be stupid to be feeling the way I was and comments from others telling me to just get on with it, or that things weren't that bad, how could I be depressed and even being told by family that I didn't have depression made things so much worse and reinforced the fact that I just had to 'man up' and sort myself out. I tried everything other than medication to get better myself and nothing worked. Sometimes even those closest to you don't always understand and they can not always put you back together.

My advice to anyone would be only you know how you are feeling, it's incredibly easy to put on a happy face and have no one suspect anything is wrong.  But please don't!!! You are not weak, stupid or an attention seeker by gaining some support.

There any so many options out there to help and I would advice CBT to be your starting point.

This time two years ago I was beginning to enter an awful downward spiral, and now today I am just a day away from that race! I have come so far from where I first started with Diane.

If you are reading this I would 100% recommend Diane.

Please, please, please don't suffer alone.

Thank you Diane

R Somerset
Booking my first meeting with Diane was the best decision I could of made. For years I have suffered with anxiety which would then lead on to depression, feeling helpless and always beating myself up about the little things. Diane helped me to see the light at the end of the tunnel and how to get myself there. People I spoke to about therapy always made it sound like a chore or they were embarrassed about the fact they had to see a therapist. I for so long was that person, but I honestly can say that it was so wonderful to have someone to just listen and not judge you, I actually looked forward to my sessions with Diane, it was a safe space to offload and to educate myself, about myself. CBT is such a great therapy, it’s straight to the point and you learn about the brain and how it works and how to balance out those negative beliefs you have about yourself to change them to positive ones.  For so long I have suffered in silence and it’s been a struggle some days to try and understand what was going on in my mind and body. I felt very alone and like no one around me understood. In this past year of talking more and more about it you realise your not on your own and so many people also have the same life struggles. Diane helped me to see this and open up and I feel like me again.  If you feel the same and you are reading this then don’t hesitate to contact Diane, she is the person for you, to help you get out of that downward spiral and up into the light.  Thank you so much Diane, I wouldn’t be where I am today without your help and support and I will always be thankful to you for that.
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