Feeling anxious and constantly worrying about everything?

Anxiety is on the increase, especially for our youth. As part of the human condition, we live in a world that offers a lot of uncertainty and there are many different aspects of life that will affect us in many different ways. Most of them are outside of our control or influence:

Politicians and Government bodies making decisions about our future
The erratic and unpredictable weather patterns
Ill health, dying or the death of a loved one
Ageing and our physical appearance

Being liked and gaining other people’s approval
Finding employment
Redundancy, being laid off or not enough regular work
Heavy workload and not enough support which presents itself as stress
Inflation and the general cost of day to day living 
Replacing items due to wear and tear 
Children’s safety or empty nest syndrome as they grow up and leave 

The list goes on, I’m sure you can all add a few (or a lot) of your own ..

So what does worrying about all these things do?


We can worry until the cows come home (sorry I am a farmers daughter) but worrying about things going wrong doesn’t actually solve anything.  Negative thinking creates neural pathways in our mind which sadly also has a negative impact!

The type of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy i’ve trained in (Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy) uses a simple formula to help you manage your anxiety by finding the irrational belief.  In keeping with simplicity, it’s called the ABC model.

So what does the ABC stand for?

A – Activating event/trigger (The situation that triggers you)
B – Belief (Our interpretation of the event)
C – Consequences (Thoughts, emotions, symptoms, what you feel like doing and your behaviour)

How do I find out the irrational belief?

You don’t need to, that’s for me to help with as i’ve had all the training so i’ll be working collaboratively with you to discover it. It can be quite tricky to find but we will dig it out!

Firstly we work together to look at the A. The situation which happened or the event/trigger (Ie. Suffering with ill health)
We then jump over to the C as we investigate the consequences of what’s happening (Ie. I felt anxious, I had tummy ache, tight chest, felt sick and kept looking online to see what I may have based on the symptoms I was experiencing)

Then we work towards discovering what the B is.
The irrational belief (I MUST have certainty there is nothing seriously wrong with me and that I will be okay) which is actually causing the emotions (I.e Anxiety which explains all the worry)

B causes the C

Men are disturbed not by things, but by the view which they take of them – Epictetus.

By working together I will help you to change any unhelpful beliefs you hold and educate you on how to manage your emotions better so they don’t control you.

If you would like to know more about CBT and the way I work and to discuss your situation, then please get in touch by calling, texting or sending me a private message.

Tel: 07967 753460

I’m based at Beaux Health and Wellbeing, 20 The Crescent, Taunton and also at Cranleigh Gardens Medical Centre, Bridgwater and for those who are further away, I also offer appointments on Skype. 

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