How am I going to cope?

We have the answers inside of us but when we are feeling down and lost we don’t always have the capacity to look for the answers or maybe we would prefer to shut ourselves away from the world until we feel stronger as we can’t cope with seeing people.

Some may worry about coping with loneliness in the future, uncertainty such as the perceived threat of loosing a loved one or being abandoned.   How will I manage alone and isolated?

Worry, worry, worry.  What if thoughts circulating around in your mind. Loosing out on precious sleep when you are already exhausted, drained and irritable.

Anxiety is an unhelpful emotion in this context as you are so preoccupied with unanswered questions and negative thoughts your mind isn’t clear enough to be able to access the answers or to take positive action.

It’s not surprising that fear and anxiety is so prevalent and it all feels so gloomy.

This year there have been numerous plane crashes, terrorists attacks and government cut backs.

It’s very difficult for people and some struggle to cope which then leads to mental health problems.  As a precaution, be careful which newspapers you read and how much news you absorb as the media tends to be negatively biased.

ISIS seem determined to provoke fear and separatism by launching terror attacks on innocent people. They are getting so much media coverage. I wonder if this is helpful?

However, we do need to keep things in perspective. Be brave, reach out to those who are suffering loneliness or grief. We are human beings. There is positively as humanity has surfaced once again as we come together during this time of grief.

We can cope, we have coped and we will cope.

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